Hi Performance Krümmer ZX-6R + RR BJ:07-08

Artikelnummer: KR-4175

Krümmer für: Krümmer ZX-6R P7F/P8F, 2007-2008 Passend für Orginalteile.

Kategorie: Krümmer

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ZX-6R P7F/P8F, 2007-2008 race De-cat headerpipe This replaces your standard catalysed downpipes. Made from 304 grade polished stainless steel. Straight through, with no restriction, these fit your standard Kawasaki road legal silencer or any silencer made to fit your standard exhaust system. This will increase your bikes BHP, fuel economy and weigh less than the restrictive bulky original. Designed and made by ourselves. We do not make exhausts for anybody else, these are 100% new. They weigh 4.10kg compared to the standard weight of 6.80kg As these come with the option of still using your exhausts Lambda sensor you can simply fit and ride, if your looking to maximise your bikes full BHP we would recommend a professional Dyno set-up.

Hersteller: KAWASAKI
Modell: ZX-6R / RR Ninja
Anmerkungen & Hinweise: RCO
Baujahr: 2008 2007

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