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Removable Baffles Here's a typical question we get all the time here at Cobra: "I've just bought a Suzuki M109 [insert your bike here] and am considering your Speedster [any other Cobra system] pipes for it. Do your pipes have removable baffles? I want it to be loud." The answer is yes, our baffles are removable, but before you all rush to the garage to enhance your pipe's sonic properties, consider the following reasons why you should not remove the baffles. Performance. It will suffer. It may sound like a rip-snortin', fire-breathin' race bike, but it will perform more like an overloaded, high-mileage rental car at altitude. This is because the exhaust system has been designed to create a bit of back pressure in order to scavenge more spent exhaust gasses from the combustion chamber. Remove the baffle and you remove this feature, which helps the engine produce more power. Noise. Noise is different than sound. To us, sound is the vibration that travels through the air to someone's ear. It can be pleasing or otherwise. The sound of a properly tuned V-Twin with a high quality aftermarket exhaust system is one of the great sounds in motorcycling. Noise is what you get with the baffles removed. We might be able to argue at what volume a pleasing sound becomes an irritable noise amongst ourselves, but we can agree that to the unmotorcycled general public that level can be reached even before the baffles come out. Once the baffles are out you can be assured the non-motorcyclists are more than offended by the noise. Warranty. Remove the baffles from a Cobra system and you've just voided the lifetime warranty that came with your system. So bottom line...the choice is yours. But we suggest, even ask, you keep the baffles in place. In fact we recommend you Loctite them in place.
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